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    30 Hour fundi

    Please feel free to go through our website as we have a lot of information here, if you like what you see them fill in the form and let’s arrange a dayfor you to come and view the nursery.
    Step 2: Submit your application in person
    Once you have seen the nursery and you’ll be given a application form to fill-in and bring back to us.
    Step 3: Receive your assignment
    What is the application and application fees have been paid you’ll be sent a enrolment date letter confirming your place with the nursery, also a list of things that you will need to bring for your childs settle in period.
    Step 4: Register at your assigned class
    When your child has completed their settle in period they will be assigned a key worker so you can communicate with when you come to drop off your child.
    You can also always talk to the nursery manager if you have any concerns.


    1. To enter parkside View nursery in the 2022 – 2023 school year, your child must be from 18-month old on or before September 31.
    2. If you require 15hr or 30hr child requires funding please check with the nursery to tell you when the next intake is for the child if they are funded. As unfortunately there are cut-off dates government work around.